Pewter is an alloy of tin with small amounts of antimony and copper. The tin gives it sheen, provides resistance to corrosion. The antimony hardens and whitens the metal and its expanding properties whilst cooling gives the castings sharp, detailed impressions when taken from the mould. Copper is added for ductility and hardness. The low melting temperature and ease with which pewter flows makes the metal ideal for casting.

All the defective pieces that do not pass the stringent quality control are re-melt and the metal is re-used to cast new pieces. The very low usage of water and electricity required in casting and polishing pewter further enhance our efforts to preserve the environment.
Care and Cleaning

These hand-finished pieces require a minimum amount of care to keep them in their original state. Hand-wash in hot, soapy water when necessary, then rinse in clean water and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Do not wash in a dishwasher as this will cause the piece to become dull and grey.

It is recommended to use a non-abrasive material to avoid scratching the piece, leaving it dull and grey If neglected, pewter takes on a patina. but cleaning as indicated above, or with a chamois, will restore the glow.

Finger marks can be removed with methylated spirits if necessary.

Cared for properly, your Diana Carmichael piece will last for generations


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